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Everyday Carry (EDC) Articles


A Better Alternative To Tactical Skateboard Tape / Stair Tape?

Everybody knows about “stair tape” or “skateboard tape” for tactical grips… but what if you want a more comfortable alternative?


The SECRET Behind Those Weird, Tiny Skull Statues And Figurines On Social Media

Every wonder about all the skull and death imagery you see among “tactical people?” The answer actually goes all the way back to an ancient warrior caste…


WL 380 – “5 Things My Dad Got WRONG About EDC” (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Warrior Life’s Buck Greene learned a lot about everyday carry and survival from his father… but it turns out, some of it was just WRONG. Learn why (and what to do about it) in this week’s podcast.


How “Good” CCWers OUT Themselves (And 5 Tricks For Covert EDC)

Even an experienced armed citizen who keeps his hardware out of sight might be “outing” himself as a “tactical person” with his other EDC accessories. Here’s how, plus 5 tips for covert EDC.


[Toolsday] This EDC Story Hits You Right In The Feels

If you cry at the end of movies like Bruce Willis’ “Armageddon,” you may not want to read this touching EDC story…


[Toolsday] Media Want You To Fear The “Saturday Night Special” Of Knives

A knife first popularized among South African criminals because it was cheap remains strangely popular among some “knife people” today. In our Toolsday gear review, we talk about this knife and the type of knives it represents.


Taco Toolsday 2min Video Review: “Cheap” EDC choice (with a catch)?

This week’s 2-minute video gear review is for an EDC choice that you can get cheap – but there’s a catch you need to know about first.


My Top 3 Dollar Store Weapons (Improvised Tools For NPEs)

We all deal with non-permissive environments, which means we might need to get creative and improvise weapons (especially when traveling). Here are 3 weapons you can find at a Dollar Store and make for just 6 bucks!


Taco Toolsday: We Review “The Knife That BROKE Wal-Mart”

For Taco Toolsday, we review the knife that you can’t seem to find in stock at any Wal-Mart… and explain just what happened to make this blade so popular.


Cheap “Hardware Store Fix For All Weapons & Tools

For some of you, this quick tactical tip isn’t new… but if you’ve never heard of it before, this “tacticool” solution can last nearly a lifetime.


[Freedom Friday] Is Open Carry Of Your Firearm A “Right”… Or Are You Sending The WRONG Message?

Constitutional carry is becoming more and more common, and there are more states than ever that permit “open carry,” too. But open carry is hotly debated even among gun owners. Where do YOU stand? I’d like to know.


[Toolbox Tuesday] Do NOT Carry This Escape & Evasion Tool

This common escape & evasion tool is also the preferred tool of thieves who target cars, so carrying it could get you arrested. There’s a better alternative!

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