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WL 362 – The “No B.S.” Truth About Stopping Power

I know, I know: Will this debate EVER be over? Well, we know some things now that we didn’t before… and it’s time to put this to bed once and for all.


Taco Toolsday: 2-min review for BORING dry fire?

For Taco Toolsday this week, we review a product that makes “boring” dry fire fun and easy again! The video is just 2 minutes, so check it out now.


WL 360 – How To Deal With Your Internet Enemies

Either you’ve got Internet enemies, or eventually you’ll make some. Here’s how to avoid doing that… and what to do if you can’t help it and someone comes after you online.


[Freedom Friday] Is Open Carry Of Your Firearm A “Right”… Or Are You Sending The WRONG Message?

Constitutional carry is becoming more and more common, and there are more states than ever that permit “open carry,” too. But open carry is hotly debated even among gun owners. Where do YOU stand? I’d like to know.


WL 359 – 10 More Tips For Concealed Carry

Previously I talked about the “10 commandments of concealed carry.” These aren’t “commandments,” but they are HIGHLY recommended… and sometimes VERY controversial tips for CCW.


No vaccine = no GUNS for you!

There’s a disturbing trend when it comes to gun rights, one unique to the “post-pandemic” world… and we need to talk about it before it’s too late.


WL 357 – The Arvada Shooting: What To Do When Cops Arrive & YOU Are Armed

This is a tragic story, but it’s one that EVERY armed protector can learn from. Hear all about it in this week’s Warrior Life Radio podcast.


Don’t Put This On Your Gun (Unless You Can Change My Mind)

Should you put vinyl “gun skins” on your gun? What do they do for you? Are they dangerous? I have some thoughts (and I wonder if you can change my mind)…


A Simple Trick To Defeat An Ambush Attack By A Criminal Asking For Change

Criminals use distractions to ambush you. Massad Ayoob has a tip to defeat their ambush!


Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret?

I was looking at comments on Reddit late the other night and found one guy who’s definitely “cracked the code” when it comes to gun lasers (although he made one small mistake).

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