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Bullets, Beans & Band-Aids Baby!

If you love AR’s, Glocks and freedom, then the Warrior Life podcast is for you! Each week, our rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks – along with some of the world’s top experts – bring you “no B.S.” tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from  on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close-quarters combat self-defense!



WL 384 – Bugout Planning Reality Check

It’s one of the SEXIEST topics in survival magazines, online forums, and survival blogs… but it’s also the topic that most people get WRONG, even experienced preppers and survivalists. The problem is, getting this wrong can also be DANGEROUS… if not DEADLY!

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5 Moments That Make You A Warrior

WL 383 – 5 Moments That Make You A Warrior

In every person’s life, there are a few moments that put them on the path of Warrior Life. We’d like to know what YOUR moments were, and in this week’s podcast, Warrior Life’s Buck Greene shares 5 of his (that he bets you’ll be able to relate to!)

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WL 382 – 5 Life-Or-Death IFAK Mistakes

Without a doubt, the IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit, is one of the MOST overlooked pieces of survival kit. In this week’s podcast, we talk to Brian McLaughlin from Mountain Man Medical about 5 critical mistakes survivalists, preppers, and gun people are making with their IFAKs.

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